link velocity

What Is Link Velocity?

Link velocity is defined as the time or rate you take to build your backlinks. Here we have to note that there are 2 types of links :

  • Acquired links (natural links): These links we make by getting backlinks to our site from FB /Twitter/Insta or local directories, etc.
  • Build links through outreach: These we get by contacting other website owners.

Is link velocity an important factor in ranking?

Yes, consider the fact that someone has to read and like your article before providing you a Backlink. Google does not like spammy or unlikely backlinks and is suspicious of any unnatural activities.

Link velocity is considered on a monthly basis. So if you have a very limited traffic on your website and have too many backlinks, then Google will become suspicious.

Traffic  and Links

There is not a direct relationship between link building efforts and traffic eg if you build 1.5 times more links then you will not get 50 % more traffic.There is a law of diminishing returns.

Types of links:

  • Do follow: These give a signal to google crawlers that they need to crawl your link also.
  • No follow: These links are not to be crawled or referenced.

Here you need to check the average of the links of post above yours. Consider only do follow links.

You need to build links more than the competition.

But if you have have to rank on top you need to build more than the number one ranking article.

What is link Gap?

It’s the difference between you and the competition

Suppose you are on page 3

  • Take the links of all pages above you.
  • check the number of referring domain and their ranking.
  • Count the difference.

That is the link gap.

When should you start the Backlink building?

We should first create an SEO optimized and useful content on our website, before sending backlinks to our content. On an average, a new website should have at least 8000-10000 words of content to start getting backlinks.

What is optimal Link velocity?

There is no set of rules to define optimal link velocity. It all depends on your niche and the quality of backlinks that you are getting. The best advice would be to make it a gradual and natural process.

How to check your Link Velocity?

There are many tools available for this like SEMrush, ahrefs,, etc.

Have any further doubts? Feel free to ask in the comments section.