Many of us want to target High Ticket Clients (HTC) , but what is a HTC- A client who needs your services more than you need the client and is ready to pay your price you are charging for your services. Attracting High ticket Clients requires building an attractive funnel . Here are a lists of quick steps (secret formula) that will help us in getting the HTC:

Profile Management/ Personal Branding

Imagine you are going to a 5 star hotel for a cup of Tea or Coffee. How much you would pay ? and Will you argue over the bill? No! Why is it soo? Its because of the quality service ,ambience, the grandeur, the quality of cups and many more factors i.e.. the profile. Now if u go to a small tea shop will you be ready to pay the same amount!

How to build a profile ?

Reviews , social media management, testimonial , having a decent office and polished staff , becoming an author or collaborating with others are simple methods to building your profile and attracting high ticket clients.

Getting your company articles published in relevant industry websites/ blogging and publishing guest posts in your business specific website are also some of the proven methods to build your authority for attracting high ticket clients.

Building Your Customer Avatar (Whom to Serve)

Know who is your customer and where to find him ? Is it a male / female , living in nuclear joint family , age , income , interests etc. These details can be found in your analytics reports and also by offering a lead magnet with a google form attached. Best way is to draw your customer avatar in a sheet and work on his/her profile. This helps you in micro targeting using paid ads.

Finding out their pain points:

If u sell your services like a commodity you will never be able to charge the price you want. To get the high ticket clients you need to act and think like one. The secret is to find the pain points of your clients whether it is their quantity of leads , competition , poor systems , automations etc. and provide them a relevant and fast solution.

How to reach out to them ?

once you know your customer avatar and their pain points its very easy to know where you can find them e.g. if they are college going students they are more likely to be on Instagram and snapchat and if they are middle age professional they will be most likely on LinkedIn or Facebook.

One offline way of reaching out to these clients can be through networking events, industry specific meetings and high ticket paid conferences.

Further, you can target them through their industry specific websites, forums etc. which is readily available on various platforms. Also check which are their favorite channels is it fb / LinkedIn, Instagram or twitter.

Important Steps to Getting Quality Leads:

  • Building an attractive landing Page
  • Get free/organic traffic by SEO and YouTube channel etc.
  • Targeting potential clients through FB/ Google/LinkedIn Ads etc.
  • Getting leads from Affiliate marketing or referral systems
  • Offering a Lead magnet i.e. attractive offer to share leads details.

Deciding on Your Specialty (what to serve):

Remember, “If you are serving everyone you are serving no one”. Tell me, who earns more ? a general physician or a heart surgeon? Yes! u guessed it right. Its the specialist who earns more. So, to get high ticket clients you need to find the segment of people u serve and your specialty.

Niche/ Sub Niche & Micro niche

Niche is deciding the industry we serve e.g. digital marketing, fashion, fitness etc.

Sub Niche is the specialization in the Industry e.g. Facebook ads- digital marketing , Yoga trainer- fitness etc.

Micro Niche is the specific category of clients/industry we target. e.g. Digital marketer for hotel industry , yoga trainer for people with diabetes etc.

niche clarity image
How to find your specialty. Whom to serve?

High Ticket Funnel Management – CATTR

How to get clients details- use tools like , and . You can get a free version of them initially although if you can afford I will suggest getting a paid version of these tools.

Content – 5 things that your content should have

Relevancy, up to date, knowledge , shareable . Also it should be free of plagiarism. If u cannot create u can curate.


Use fb ads / google ads or make a video and run a YouTube ad to get the attention. Influencer outreach in your niche or collaborations can also get u the initial attention.


Keep them in your funnel by providing relevant content through email marketing , webinars etc. Don’t sell


You must have the right offer and a call to action. Offer creation steps-focus on the benefits not the features .Is your cost justifying the ROI (return on investment).Focus on LTV (life time value).


Once your clients are getting warm and satisfied by your systems and performance it is important to Upsell and cross sell. Do competition analysis .Outperform your competition and promise, value for money and relationship building.

Finally, remember its way easier to be a partner in growth and to convert a regular client into a high paying client then to constantly get a new high ticket client. Its also a game of mindset and refusing to clients who do not fall in your scheme of things.

Differentiate business from busy ness so that you can lead a quality of life. Building systems to automate our as well as client work helps us in reaching out and satisfying the clients.

Do comment and let me know if you find the article useful or if there is any strategy I missed, that you would like to add! Also, if you need my help in guiding you in your business to get high ticket clients, please click on the link below to book a call.

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