Here are the different digital strategies the travel and tourism industry needs to try to restore and promote its sales. The travel industry is facing one of the worst times due to the corona pandemic. One of the most important factors for the industry is to promote such destinations where there are fewer cases and traveling is aligned with the local Government policies.

Image of Airplane Depicting Digital Strategies for travel and tourism industry

Why the need for Digitalization for Travel operators :

Digitalization is needed as a measure to avoid or restrain the human interface. As a result of a drop in footfalls for the local operators, their strategy should be to get the relevant eyeballs and reaching out to their customers through the digital interface.

The Industry will take some time to achieve the previous growth levels so the relevant strategy should be not to spend a large amount on advertising before generating the results while doing paid promotions. We should only scale our activities only after we start getting ROI equivalent to ad spends.

Quick Look at the 6 digital lead generation strategies for travel agencies:

  1. Organic leads: Posting through fb /insta , here we need to do at least 2-3 minimum posts per week. Better, start with 1 post a day. It’s important to develop an event calendar so that we do not miss out on specific events. Use of chatbots to guide the reader effectively is strongly recommended.

2. Blogging and developing leads by ranking our articles on important keywords: let’s do keyword research and find out our competitor’s ranking for important keywords. Write relevant content and rank your article using SEO practices. Writing relevant articles e.g. blogging tips for single travellers and ranking and sharing them in relevant groups will bring new clients to your website.

3.Your website is your online identity, create it to impress. Use HD pictures and Videos. Navigational menus should be well placed and provide easy web surfing. List your packages well. It should contain all the additional information that a tourist is looking for, like, lodging, visa requirements, etc. Currently following covid protocol is very important.

4.You can create your page and build communities like FB and telegram communities where you can give advices and posts details of special offers.

5.Gather testimonials from your previous customers . Post videos on YouTube of the previous organized trips.

6.Create Micro videos and share them across all the social media using relevant hashtags. One tool that can help you in doing that is streamyard.

Now Let’s look at the paid digital strategies for travel and tour industry:

1.Start doing PPC ads. Google search gives you a definitive audience ie those who are looking for your products/services. let’s keep transactional keywords in mind and make our ads relevant and bid for these queries.

2. FB ads. Depending on what stage of the funnel our customers are and what’s the level of our brand exposure. let’s start doing FB ads.

  • Get fb pixel on our website so that we can build custom audience.
  • Start with a lead magnet and  get the details by attaching a form .
  • Do lead nurturing through automated emails or WhatsApp messages exposing the leads to our products and services

After some time we sell them an irresistible offer ( with lesser margins eg 50 % off) or buy 2 get 1 free. We maintain the database and keep nurturing them and upsell and cross-sell at the right time.

Linkedin ads can also be used to target HR off different industries and selling them tour packages for corporate conferences.

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