Hey, I am a batch 4 intern of The Digital Deepak Internship Program. Are you thinking of learning Digital Marketing and planning to join a digital marketing course? I aim to provide you the latest and in-depth review of my learnings in the online course which will help you in deciding whether this online digital internship course is meant for you?

My story for learning digital marketing began almost 4 years back when one of my friends, who was learning Digital marketing from DISM, one of the premium and well-known digital coaching institutes, introduced me to Deepak Kanakaraju and shared his blog details so that I could begin my Digital Journey. Years passed by and I started gathering knowledge by reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, and gathering knowledge from wherever I could. I also did learning from google online courses, Udemy, etc, and even passed the courses by self-learning.

My Digital Deepak Internship Program Journey :

Believe me, although I had gained the knowledge I was still missing something….I was yearning for a more practical and guided approach to digital learning. But was not getting an opportunity as I was working full time and didn’t want to invest time and money in doing a full/time course. And then came lockdown and it changed the entire world and how it operated. Zoom and other online meetings became popular and it changed the learning and working module. 

How I Got Introduced to the online bootcamp Program?

Although I found a lot of webinars interesting but never took the final plunge to joining a Digital Marketing Internship Course. Finally, Good luck smiled at me. While attending one of the webinars of Digital Deepak he introduced us to an Internship program that was well structured and practical oriented and at the same time was for free… Yes, you heard me right!! Absolutely free with full cashback on the money you invested and additionally you also get a chance to earn bonus!!! I couldn’t believe the offer and even consulted some of my friends who had done digital marketing to get a consultation on the course. Why wouldn’t it work?

The enrollment process for the DDIP program:

 Before you get to join the DDIP course there is a Type form ( like google form) that asks you all the details about why u want to join, how much relevant knowledge etc. I was excited to know that my candidature was accepted. I could join the DDIP batch 4 -DD Champs after doing the payment.

My Self Doubt on joining the digital deepak course:

Please allow me to share with you my own belief and confidence about how much cashback I would be able to earn? Looking at the course structure refer to the table below Trust me, I imagined that my best bet is to get through level 3 of the course. My maximum chance I thought is of completing level 5. So look, I would be in that case get a 5k back of my investment.

You will be surprised in the end. I promise….

The Structure of the Digital Deepak’s Training Program :

The program is divided into 16 weeks. The first 12 weeks focus on developing our core skills. It starts with developing a success mindset which sets the tone for the coming months of our Integrated Digital Marketing journey. 

Then in Week 2 we learn marketing and branding fundamentals which many other digital marketing courses do not talk about. Then we learn core digital marketing in the remaining 10 weeks. The last 4 weeks are about monetizing our digital marketing skills. 

We can do one of the assignments in the last 4 weeks and will earn for one of the weeks. We can also do multiple bonus weeks , but the earning is going to be for a single assignment after the 12th assignment.

Here is, the complete assignment topics list :

List Of Topics for the DDIP assignments:

ddip - course-details
“Digital Deepak Internship Program Course Structure”

Please note the structure and course details keep changing for the later batches. Please attend the introduction webinar to know your course structure details.

My first Session at DDIP :

I was thrilled and overjoyed in watching the mentor DD live and on a one to one chat with the interns! It was a dream come true. An experience beyond words as I have been following him for the last 4 years. Along with Digital Deepak, Kamna Jain (First-year Intern), who is now also our mentor, and Krishna who also help us with various course-related issues.

The process begins with the release of the assignment video. Then we learn about the assignment to be done. This is followed by a deep explanation as to how to do the assignment.

The Support System for the Online Digital Marketing Internship Program :

We also have something known as a, and a WhatsApp group for support. This is based on your personality type and helps u in jelling. We also have telegram groups, Facebook groups, and other resources which constantly help us in clearing our doubts, build our network, motivate and gain valuable knowledge. With all this guidance and support, Digital Deepak’s course completion rate is nearly 90%. Which is awesome!

My Benefits of Joining Digital Marketing Internship-

Here’s what I learned:

  1. Deep Clarity of concepts.
  2. Developing a positive mindset.
  3. Practical application (first-hand knowledge) of Digital marketingTools.
  4. Additional learning beyond the course(free bonuses).
  5. Developing self-confidence and respect within your (family/friends/job colleagues).
  6. Learning through my peers ( Facebook group, WhatsApp group, and telegram group).
  7. Even made good supportive friends.
  8. Getting a certification.
  9. Getting my cash back free learning.
  10. Pride in learning from Deepak Kanakaraju, one of the Best Digital Guru.

A few proofs of learnings in the internship assignments :

Go deep Here, some of the best tools.

Who is Digital Deepak and how he conducts the DDIP program ?

Deepak Kanakaraju is an engineer and started his digital career by blogging about motorcycles. He later worked with many companies like DSIM, Digital Vidya, Razorpay, etc. Digital Deepak is one of the best digital experts in India and the founder of Pixel track, a digital advertising agency. He is also featuring in the Google Knowledge panel.

I found the perfect mentor in him as far as Digital Marketing is concerned. He is fun and yet stern when certain issues are concerned. He is also pretty much down-to-earth considering the digital followers he has and even likes or appreciates jokes! occasionally during the sessions.

The course also gives us some flexibility on deadlines keeping an eye on festive issues and the problems that the interns are facing. Apart from the DDIP course, there are regular updates and blog articles and additional information, sessions with past DDIP interns, free bonuses, etc . which keep us motivated throughout the course.

Top 100 Interns certificate

Success doesn’t happen overnight...(I told you ,I will surprise you!)

A few special tools I found and learned during Internship Course :

  • FB ads Mastery.
  • Google ads Mastery.
  • Zapier tool for automation.
  • Convertkit for email marketing.
  • Krisp for noise reduction.
  • Loom for screen recording.
  • Mindmap for better presentations.
  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tools for SEO.
  • Get Prospect for finding customer lead Details.

12-Minute Affiliate

Learnings from the virtual Course :

What I have experienced in the course is definitely a spirit to move ahead, have the right mindset,

and think big, and believe in urself. You get immense practical knowledge in completing the

assignments – a thing I was missing in self-learning. Also, the best thing is that I have crossed my

self-induced limit. I believed in not being able to cross beyond level 5 ( I have already passed level

12  ). In fact, I am today featuring among the top 100 interns!!

Some pro tips for You:

  • Listen to the assignment videos in breaks. The videos at times are more than 2 hours long.
  • You may listen to the videos in 1.25-speed settings.
  • Attend all the assignment explanation videos live.
  • Maintain notes and write the crux of the videos.
  • Be active in your whats app and telegram groups.
  • Try to finish the assignments a day in advance before the deadline.
  • For the DMAT revise your notes that you have taken earlier.

A few issues faced by the Interns during the Internship Program:

Some intern’s payments (cash) got delayed at times.

The course deadline is still getting extended.

The Internship certificate is in digital format and is signed as Digital Deepak and not like Deepak Kanakaraju.

At times there is a time lag between a query and response from the DD team.

However, with passage of time these issues will improve and Infact, a new system is being

developed. Thanks to Deepak kanakaraju and the Team of Deepak Kanakaraju Internship and the

Digital interns of DDIP. It is one of the best online Digital Marketing internship in India.

You Rock !

To learn DM and gain the experience please click the link to get the details .New batch starts soon.

Link to apply for the upcoming Digital internship course:

Go, for it


Some frequently  Asked Questions :

Here is a list of doubts people have before joining the program.

Who can Join DDIP?

Anyone who is keen on learning  Digital marketing. In our group of interns, there are people from 20 years old to 50 years plus old and some are even pursuing graduation. We have students, professionals, business owners, and homemakers in our batch. Some students have no prior knowledge while some are experts in their own rights!

How to Join the Internship?

You can join the internship by applying for it. You may click on the link provided above. Once you fill-up the form and click on the submit button, you will get the details of the upcoming webinar for an explanation about the course. Then it”s up to you to take the final decision.

Who should not join the Program?

I would not suggest this internship program who is seeking specialization in a particular field like SMM, SEO, Affiliate, etc. This program is for building overall digital mastery and is not to seek specialization in a particular stream. You may check his website for more specialized courses like the Digital Mastery Club.

What is the fee of the Internship program? 

The price of the online internship course depends on the batch you would be joining. With time the course structure and modules also change and as a result, there is a slight increase in the cost. The current price should be roughly around 20 thousand. (The final price will be announced at the time of your webinar). Apart from the course fee you also have to invest some money in buying hosting and domain and also on running FB and Google ads.

How easy it is to complete the Assignments?

It is quite easy as you get almost a week to 10 days to complete an assignment and have some prior knowledge of digital marketing. Even if you fail to submit your assignment on the due date you can still complete and submit it on a later date to earn your cashback!

What is the Online training structure?

  • The course teaching begins with a live session by Digital Deepak followed by the release of the Assignment video.
  • This is followed by a live online session Assignment video explanation by Deepak (typically after 2-3 days of the release of the video).
  • Within the next 2-3 days, we have a live session by Kamna Jain on How to do the Assignment. (Any doubts can be cleared here).
  • In the next week, you need to submit your assignment in pdf format within your LMS (Learning Management System).

What is the language of training?

The entire training is in the English language.

How do I receive my cashback?

The assignment gets approval within a week of submission and we get the cashback in our bank account by providing Paytm UPI id. However, a more advanced system is being built up for the upcoming Digital Deepak Internship batches.

Is it better than the other courses available?

My general feedback from the people who have done some regular digital marketing course is that the DDIP course is quite in-depth and using certain tools like Zapier and Convertkit etc are beyond the teachings of a regular course. Also please keep in mind the amount of money you would be investing in a regular course whereas, here all the knowledge is practically for free. Further, here you are motivated to complete your course by means of earning the cashback. 

What are the opportunities after completing the Digital Deepak Internship Program?

Once you complete the Internship there are lots of opportunities for the Interns:

  • Many interns have started blogging.
  • Some got work offers as Digital Marketing Consultants even while persuing the Internship course.
  • A few of the past interns have even joined DD and are now working within his Company. (Kamna Jain and Krishna).
  • Some have started their own Digital Marketing agency.
  • We also get the opportunity to do affiliate marketing for his products.
  • Depending on your niche you can become a coach or start your own venture.
  • DD is also planning to start a system where there will be a listing of all his interns where recruiting companies can choose and pick candidates for employment based on their selection criteria (like LinkedIn).

(I cannot comment on on-campus placements as I am yet to finish my Digital Internship program)


There are more than 5,320 people who have already benefitted by doing the Digital Deepak

Internship Program. As I am writing this article admissions are going on for Batch 12 of the

internship course in January 2021. I found it a well-structured and practical oriented course that

helps you in learning the various modules of Digital Marketing. My final review of the program is

that I would recommend all aspiring Digital marketer’s to go for it and get themselves enrolled. You

may also read Digital Deepak Internship program reviews on Quora if still in doubt.

Still Confused ? Watch the Testimonial (Review ) by Past Intern of DDIP :


Need Some More Proof of the Learnings in Digital Deepak Internship Program:

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In case u Still prefer not to join DDIP:

Lastly, if you still are not prepared and would like to join only a free course without any investment,

then I would suggest you join this free course by Saurav Jain from Digital Scholar to improve your

digital marketing skills.

12-Minute Affiliate

Happy Digital Marketing!

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