We all use anchor text in our articles. Lets learn more about them.

What is anchor text?

it’s a clickable text in a read more about SEO  at SEO is the anchor text)

In html it will reflect as  html:<ahref=”https;//”>SEO</a>

Anchor text shows the topical relevance. A powerful link with a target anchor text is one of the biggest ranking signals you can get. If you get it wrong then slow ranking, flat or -ve  rankings, and even a chance of a penalty.

We need to maintain a normal organic anchor text distribution (as per penguin algorithm).

Types of Anchor text:

There are various types of anchor text that are used in SEO.

Branded anchor text: Amazon, Netflix , Mediaplussolutions, etc. Its branded if it does not have a targeted keyword but a name of a brand.

Eg url:

Anchor text : mediaplus

Eg url: seo for biginners

Anchor text: seo (not branded)

url anchor text: anchor text using exact match of any form of the url e.g. http, https, http;//www.

Topical anchor text: These are one level up. eg if we are writing about body building then the topical anchor text can be


Miscellaneous anchor text: They are general in nature.

Eg learn more ,click here, this article.

Targeted anchor text: We use these to to target the topic we are planning to rank for.

Strategies for Anchor text :

Anchor text is usually done on per page basisis

An ideal usage of anchor text could be

Branded :35 % ,targeted : 25 % , url: 25% AND NA :5%

You can go to backlink tools of any SEO analysis tool like ahref etc to check the competitors anchor texts. Take the average and build it. Don’t count the no-follow links in this calculation.

Rules for Anchor Text:
  • Never use same anchor text more than once.
  • Leverage article title tag.
  • Match anchor text with the link type.
  • Should be a proper phrase.
  • Use brand +target anchors.
  • Diversify url anchors.
  • Use long anchor phrases.
  • Use synonyms

Have any doubts? Please comment below.

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